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A  deposit of $130.00  is required to

secure your date.  It will be applied to the

cleaning fee after your event.

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Seats 60 Comfortably

100-125 Roaming

Surround Sound

Smart TV/WiFi 

Beer & Wine

Cava Cocktails

Small Plates or Buffet

Private Parties


Bridal Showers


Rehearsal Dinners

1st wine drinkers.jpg

Gathering Space

100% Deductible

Here are some examples of 100% deductible meals and entertainment expenses:

  • The company holiday party or summer picnic (You can still have tax-deductible fun with your employees!)

  • Business-promoting meals provided to the public, such as an open house.

  • Meals provided as taxable compensation to employees (included on a W-2)

  • Business meals that a critical part of your business function (ex. if you’re a food critic or food blogger)

  • Meals provided to an employee at work, such as if they’re working late

  • Meals provided as taxable compensation to employees or independent contractors, and included on the W2

  • Meals sold to a client or a customer

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